Friday, 31 October 2014

My new Ondawa

It's been a while to post.... This is my newest project, Ondawa. BT Fall 14 was fantastic, I had to make it.

Short length on body is so now... Loving the cables.
I just need an occasion to get dress up!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Weeping Angel... Socks for mom

Holiday time is coming soon. I have leave in October. I am planning to go back to Japan to see my family.

I made this socks for my mom. She can't feel much on her right hand side of her body, hope this will keep her warm during cooler days.
I used skein Top Draw Socks in Tuscany colourway. Very muted colour again, very adulty!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Rouge Folded

I love this pattern so much, so I made another one. It took 10days to make...

I love this colour! So muted and mature. Not just red. We don't like just red. It has to be so special...

 From side, you can see the nice drape.

I can wear this every day! Thankfully all skeins matched colour nicely. So no alternate skein for this project which is a plus. Hooray!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


I made amineko crochet cats ages ago, some have been adopted, some lives at my parents place in JAn.
During Olympics, one of them had a transformation into Nadeshiko the Japanese women's soccor player!
Apparently this uniform came from whiskey bottle. Ahhhh, so typical!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Folded in Fig...

It's been a while since last time I blog.

I have been knitting away during Olympic. This is what I made.

Folded in Fig colour (yarn by skein merino/silk sport).

Love this colour. I hardly wear pink but this may change my whole wardrobe collection??

Very casual, but elegant. I'm knitting in another colourway already!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Dreaming Daisy

It's been a cold winter down under. I have my heater on and knitting up.

I bought skein silk/merino sport in Daisy colour not long ago, decided to make another cardigan.

love how beautiful colour shows!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Herringbone pillow for my couch

We just purchased a hotnew couch for no reason. I made a new pillow for our couch. I used 'Lionbrand' pattern to make this.

Looking good!