Saturday, 14 May 2011

Start of my blog

This is my first blog! yay!
I love my cat and knitting, and my cat Mojo loves Me Knitting! Weather is getting better for knitting so I start showing off my knitting project as I go! I have a few finished projects but I have a lot of project in queue. Question is... Can I keep up this blog? Well, we see!

Well, I just made myself a new hot water bottle. Apparently we have to change our hot water bottle every 2-3 years due to fatigue. I have mine for good couple of years, which wears alpaca cover. Now I made a cover using Jared Flood pattern of Grove Mitten. It looks good! I just want to show it off!

Camel Colour one is the old one (pattern from Lion Brand website). New one is dark brown/black colour one. I modified the pattern from Grove mitten (Brooklyn Tweed website). I used Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn which I adore! Knitting this pattern was just heaven!

By the way, Mojo is currently on human toilet training. (well, it's been 8 months) She can do no.1 perfectly, but not no.2. Today, she had a bit of constipation.... Sorry Mojo...

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